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Sound Of The Trumpet


There's a lot of sweetness in listening to songs most especially when there are bands of trumpeters at work. Sincerely, moments like that are heaven on earth, especially when they are in their numbers. I know you can relate too.

But there's a trumpet sound the whole creation awaits.
It's a sound that will bring earthly activities to a hold and open up a new world.
It's a sound, announcing the second coming of Jesus, coming to rapture the saints; to take up with Him those that were able to stay through contending for the faith.

It's going to be a day of joy and sadness. It's going to be a dreaded day and day of regret for those that will be left behind.

Friends, rapture is to be with the Lord forever and the pass ticket is to be saved, to believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

You can't be with the devil or worldly pleasure on earth and want to be forever with God in heaven.

Christ says; Abide in me and I in you, John 15:4. When this is in place, you are sure that when Christ comes you will be forever with Him.

Even those that died in Christ shall be the first to rise. And together we shall all be with the Lord.

That moment is one you wouldn't want to miss for anything.
Be expectant and ready, for all these shall happen after that 'trumpet' the one blown by an arch-angel on earth shall sound.

Live rapturably,
God bless you!

*Light Everywhere Christian Mission*


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