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What Changed My Life Forever

We all must make decisions everyday. However, there are certain decisions that are greater than several other decisions of ours. These are decisions that changes our lives forever.

The greatest decision I made that transformed my life was when I decided to give my life genuinely to Jesus Christ years back as a young teenager, making the decision to serve HIM and to maintain a good relationship with HIM in spirit and in truth.

That decision changed everything about me, and my relationship with God empowered me in all important ways. Despite being a very young folk, I could live above sin, the devil and hell. Hence, I couldn't even relate with addictions and heartaches and headaches that are prominent in the circle of many young folks.

My relationship with Jesus set me on the pathway of destiny and purpose fulfilment early enough. Hence, I don't experience idleness, hopelessness, and helplessness. I've never been stranded in my life. 

Jesus is sweet.

 from Sunday Akanni

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