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When You Have Sex With Someone Not Your Married Spouse



God is the Creator of everything, seen and unseen, tangible and intangible. He manufactured sex too, in His infinite wisdom. As the Manufacturer, He is definitely in the best position to give the guidelines as touching how best sex should be approached.


And what God has given is that: All forms of sexual pleasure must be shared only between a man and his married wife (a female) inside the safe circle of their marriage institution with no other party involved.


Now, when you have sex with someone not your married spouse as a single person, you have engaged fornication.


When you as a married person have sex with someone else other than your married spouse, you have committed adultery.


These things are not just sinful, but they have terrible repercussions attached to them.


Sex is spiritual, and every sexual act has great implication in the spiritual realm. When you indulge in sexual sins, you give the evil devil the chance to plunder your life, and he will load your life with negative stuff like addictions, pain, distress, poverty, sickness, and all manner of headaches and heartaches.


I know it takes great efforts to live a life of true chastity and purity in today’s corrupt world. But it is actually possible. All you have to do is to partner with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ, and He will help you.


So, align yourself with the LORD today.


If you have indulged in fornication or adultery, you can still make things right with God today. All you have to do is to approach God and ask Him for mercy in Jesus Name. Allow Jesus into your life as Lord and Savior, and He will show you mercy.


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